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Spring/Summer Internship at Denver Advertising

Denver Advertising’s Internships involve students, colleges and the community in a work-based program. Students engage in learning through relevant experiences involving practical application of academic coursework. The emphasis of the experience is applying skills learned in the classroom, exploring career opportunities, and learning new career competencies, rather than earning money.
Denver Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing agency that has represented businesses throughout Colorado and nationwide for over 20 years and has provided internships for the past 15 years.
We’d like to say that we are not just another advertising agency or vendor. With each job we bring innovation and compassion to the table. Understanding our client’s needs and translating them into incredible art and increased sales is what we do best.
As a company we have pledge to always work with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We are proud to say that we stand behind our company, our work, our faith and each other as well as our clients.
Our clients are our lifeline. We not only value them as friends, but as valuable contributors to our business. The trust they instill in us to help build their company is a great honor. To be chosen to represent a company is a task we do not take lightly. We continue to work each and every day to the best of our ability and face challenges head on. We are marketing and advertising professionals. Marketing and advertising professionals is a term we have worked long and hard to bear and will continue to work with tenacity and dedication without contradicting our values.
Giving back to the community is very important to us, Simply being involved in the community and knowing our neighbors is valuable to us. We are proud to say that we reach outside of the Denver Metro area and have worked within the community throughout Colorado. Areas we currently work within are: Youth mentoring, adult mentoring, ministry work and donating time, money, and effort. If there is an area that you are interested in please contact us to see if it is a good fit. We are always open to ideas.
We have a deep desire for this industry and constantly are striving to offer the very best to our clients not only with marketing or advertising but also with our customer service.
Our Services
  • Complete Advertising Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click Positioning
  • Effective Branding
  • Concept Design
  • Discount Media Buying
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Dynamic Direct Mail
  • Television/Radio Production
  • Website Development & Placement
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Print design and placement
  • Consulting
The National Dental Advertising Association(NDAA)    
The National Restaurant Advertising Association(NRAA)
You may have visited our website or seen promotional material with NDAA or NRAA and have been curious about what exactly they are. Under Denver Advertising we offer two direct mail programs designed for specific industries. The first is The National Dental Advertising Association or NDAA. The second is The National Restaurant Advertising Association or NRAA.
Consistency and repetition is the key to acquiring new business. It is not uncommon for our clients to experience a 20% increase in sales a month for a new business and even higher for an established one (from a 10,000 piece mailing). Because it usually takes about three or four mailings to the same audience to motivate the potential patient, we encourage our clients to invest in a six-time mailing program to effectively reach the targeted area of potential.
Please email resume, cover letter, portfolio (if available) and hours desired to:
Thank you for considering interning with Denver Advertising.