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Photography & Lab Internship

This is a temporary intern position. Duties include set preparation, assisting and striking sets throughout a shoot, image preparation, and basic Photoshop tasks. 

Essential Duties:
• Prepare sets for lighting: gather lights and grip equipment, distribute electric, clean set.
• Assist Photographer as needed.
• Strike sets and return equipment to proper location.
• Circulate around area, prioritize work to maintain departmental efficiency and meet productivity, volume and quality goals. 
• Assist other Lab personnel with image developing and preparation of working files.
• Complete basic Photoshop tasks under supervision of qualified co-worker.

·     Ability to follow complex instructions.
·     Ability to apply instructions and/or guidelines as appropriate in the performance of support activities.
·     Ability to communicate effectively.
·     Ability to determine work priorities.
·     Ability to use fill cards, black cards, diffusion, stands, and clamps.
·     Knowledge of CaptureOne, Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom.
·     Knowledge of current digital cameras, strobes, and hot lights.

Interns will work directly with the department lead. To insure that the intern has a constructive and informative experience at the Shadowlight Group, the following are the responsibilities of the department lead:
·     Conveying what is expected of them in the Shadowlight work environment.
·     Provide the Culture Statement and review it with the intern.
·     Cover what is expected from them in terms of breaks/downtime, overall attitude, and effort.
·     Showing the intern around areas and tools that they will need for future tasks, upon the first day of the intern’s arrival.
·     Introducing the intern to all members of the Lead’s team.
·     Assigning the intern to assist different team members throughout the internship, to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.
·     Assigning the intern a variety of tasks throughout the internship, and providing an introductory explanation of the tasks.
·     Tasks should be assigned appropriately for the amount of time the intern will be present.
·     Assigned tasks should relate to the Department Lead’s field of work.
·     Participation in any student reviews required by the intern’s institution.
·     In the unlikely case that the intern is non-cooperative, irresponsible, tardy, or otherwise unable to work, this information must be relayed to the Student Coordinator immediately.