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Set Designer Internship

This is a temporary intern position. This position assists with set design which includes sourcing and specking product, creating color-boards, 3D renderings in Sketch-up, and drafting construction set-ups in AutoCAD.

Essential Duties:
·     Assist the Creative Director and Set Designer as needed.
·     Research and source materials for assigned projects while working within project budget and timelines.
·     Reach out to existing and new product suppliers to continue building the sample library, receive updates on new product, and collect information on pricing and lead-times.
·     Create color-boards displaying project renderings and product selections for client review and approval.
·     Creating architecturally accurate 3D renderings in Sketch-up with approved materials, textures, and finishes.
·     Creating detailed and accurate construction set-ups in AutoCAD for the construction of the assigned set.
·     Shadowing and assisting the Prop Stylists when opportunities are available to learn set styling and staging.
Shadowing carpenters to learn set design techniques and to better understand set design and processes.

·     Ability to follow complex instructions and apply them to each assignment.
·     Ability to communicate effectively.
·     Ability to determine work priorities and meet deadlines.
·     Knowledge of Sketch-up and AutoCAD. Photoshop and 2020 is a plus.
·     Knowledge of kitchen and bath design.

Interns will work directly with the department lead. To insure that the intern has a constructive and informative experience at the Shadowlight Group, the following are the responsibilities of the department lead:
·     Conveying what is expected of them in the Shadowlight work environment.
·     Provide the Culture Statement and review it with the intern.
·     Cover what is expected from them in terms of breaks/downtime, overall attitude, and effort.
·     Showing the intern around areas and tools that they will need for future tasks, upon the first day of the intern’s arrival.
·     Introducing the intern to all members of the Lead’s team.
·     Assigning the intern to assist different team members throughout the internship, to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.
·     Assigning the intern a variety of tasks throughout the internship, and providing an introductory explanation of the tasks.
·     Tasks should be assigned appropriately for the amount of time the intern will be present.
·     Assigned tasks should relate to the Department Lead’s field of work.
·     Participation in any student reviews required by the intern’s institution.
·     In the unlikely case that the intern is non-cooperative, irresponsible, tardy, or otherwise unable to work, this information must be relayed to the Student Coordinator immediately.