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Campus Brand Expansion Leader


Hey there! Weston here, co-founder of School Shark. We are pumped that you are here and interested in this opportunity!

So you're interested in starting your own School Shark franchise at your school? Great! Here is an introduction letter explaining what we do and what it would mean for you to start your own School Shark on campus.
Weston here from School Shark. If you're new to our website, here's a little background of what we do. We are a college student-run business that serves as a peer to peer textbook sales platform for students on campus to buy and sell their textbooks to each other. This eliminates unfair buyback prices and price increases from book stores and puts the selling and purchasing power back into the hands of the students, the way it should be!

Being that we are current college students, we don't have the time to run operations at all of the schools that we are expanding to, due to classes, extracurriculars, and athletics of our own. However, through just one semester of operation, we have found that what we do is helping students in a big way and we want to be able to bring this service to as many students as possible!

This is where you all come in. The model is simple. Build a team. Build your brand of School Shark on campus. Get students excited, get people to list their books on the site, then get people to buy books on the site. The whole process occurs very organically as you grow so don’t feel like you need to be the best salesperson in the world. What we are looking for is students that have an entrepreneurial drive and a mission to help others. We are also looking for creative students interested in marketing, blogging, social media content. What we are doing here at School Shark is a great thing for students and we are having a lot of fun doing it! You essentially get to start your own franchise of School Shark at your school!

I can’t stress enough how much we have learned going through this process ourselves. Except now that we have done all nitty-gritty work for you, you get to do the fun part!

But why would you want to do this? What do you get out of it? Well, from an experience standpoint, the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to build a business more than anything you can learn in a class. 
 Here's the fun part. 

Yep, you heard us. We are going to give you a percentage of the revenue from all books that are sold through your campus. This money can be divided up individually to group members, fund your club or organization, go towards a fundraiser or scholarship to students, donated to charity, $5 cups of coffee, whatever you want, we don’t care!

We are really excited about what we have going on here at School Shark and want to share it with the country. We would love you your club to be the next School that makes change happen!

Reach out anytime.

-Weston Lombard
Co-Founder and President of School Shark
651-303-8983 Instagram: @schoolshark 
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott” -Weston Lombard