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Therapeutic Health Technician Internship

Minimum Requirements:

Interns will be required to meet a set of minimum requirements:
·        A full day of shadowing
·        Interview with Therapeutic Health Staff on day of shadowing
·        Capable of committing to a minimum of 40 hours per week for a minimum of 10 weeks

Internship Program Guidelines

The main focus for students entering an internship at ExercisABILITIES will be in program design. Our interns will also take part in observing and assisting our Therapeutic Health Team.

The key focus at ExercisABILITIES for recovery and progress is intensive exercise including: locomotive training, guided exercise, cardiovascular endurance, over ground activities, and functional electrical stimulation in the form of upper and/or lower extremity stimulation.

Interns are required to perform lifting activities; techniques will be taught on proper body mechanics.

Interns will become familiar with the following equipment:
·        Pneumax Body Weight Support System
·        VIBE vibration plate
·        RT Leg Cycle
·        Evolv Standing Frames
·        Rifton Walkers
·        NuStep Cardio Trainers
·        TRUE Elliptical
·        LightSpeed Body Weight Support System
·        Functional Electrical Stimulation Leg Cycle (set up, muscle testing, problem solving, and take down)
·        Various cardiovascular and weight training machines
·        Rehab V2 Max Reformer (Pilates Reformer)

Interns may be expected to provide customer service; specifically, when you are with a “customer” you are expected to provide ExercisABILITIES level service. 

Interns will be comfortable with the following activities with the physical therapy team:
·        Assist with transferring patients with use of gait belt or slide board
·        Assist as directed with hands on patient contact for safety of movement
·        Be able to understand equipment and how to gather or put away items to assist in treatment sessions
·        Oversee simple tasks performed by clients in the direct supervision of the physical therapist
·        Complete simple exercise task performed by clients in the direct supervision of the physical therapist
·        Be fully aware of safety concerns in movement of the unbalanced clients to help prevent falls
·        Understand wheelchair brakes and how to assist with wheelchair follow as clients walk
·        Understand signs of cardiovascular distress/signs of stroke and notify the supervising staff person if this occurs