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Writer / Copywriter

Description: We are writers. We are novelists, poets, and screenwriters. We are the marketing force behind companies appearing on the front page of Google. We are the reason you find products online. We are the reason you choose one service over the other.

We are copywriters.

What we offer clients: We curate in-house writing teams for hire. Instead of companies working with multiple freelancers to handle their web copy, blogs, white papers, etc., they choose us. In return, we offer clients four things:

  1. Specialized team of writers
  2. Single point of contact via the Lead Writer
  3. Dedicated editor in charge of voice
  4. Content strategist

What we need: Talented writers. Monetize your creative talents with us, and if you're someone who strives to be a top performer, rise in the ranks.

  • Supporting Writer (ALL writers begin their journey here)
  • B Writer (direct assistance to Lead Writer)
  • Lead Writer (client communication)
  • Team Editor (strong handle on voice)
  • Content Strategist

Most of you will be students. We understand that full-time may not be an option. Part-time writing is available with a minimum set at 3 articles per week (roughly 4,000 words / week).

We can teach a good writer the art of copy. But we can't teach non-writers how to write.


  1. We ask that you submit a sample of writing.
  2. Assuming you have a handle on basic grammar, diction, voice, language, we will then ask you to write 600-700 words on a sample prompt.
  3. If well-written, everything forward will be paid work.
  4. You will receive our official writer's handbook, and a trial article for a client will be administered.
  5. Once submitted, a Team Editor will run through the trial article with you, offering notes and any helpful tips.
  6. Your bandwidth (availability) will be discussed / How much you are trying to earn each month.
  7. We will provide you content to match your bandwidth and you will have officially joined Copycat as a Supporting Writer.

Supporting Writer Pay
After you're accepted from your test article you will be hired on as a Supporting Writer.

SWs make at minimum:
$50 per 800 word article
$65 per 1,000 word article
$100 per 1,500 word article
$130 per 2,000 word article

This can only increase in value depending on how technical the writing is.

A Humbling Note: Writing one 1,500 word article a day (at the minimum pay) provides $3,000 a month (per a 30-day month). Upon setting up this company, our goal was to offer writers what didn't exist when we were fighting for freelancing jobs and pursuing books, screenplays, and poetry on the side -- a steady paycheck.