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Energy & Community Member Coordinator

Green Iowa AmeriCorps operates through the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education (UNI CEEE) in Cedar Falls looking to recruit passionate and motivated individuals for an 11 month service experience in one of our service locations throughout Iowa. As a member of our new and existing programs sites, you will have the opportunity to create plans in conjunction with city officials, nonprofit leaders, school districts, and execute projects that will greatly impact the communities we serve. The leadership and empowerment experienced as part of our program will be like no other!

Our program hopes to train the next generation of ‘green-collar’ workers through a combination of field trips, presentations, and hands-on learning. Members have the opportunity to build leadership abilities through specific coordinator roles, which allow each member to contribute unique skills to the program. Members have access to free trainings, hands on skill development, and extensive community engagement.

Our mission is empowering Iowa's communities and school districts to make more environmental, energy-efficient decisions and improvements through direct service work, environmental education, professional development opportunities, and volunteer engagement. Green Iowa AmeriCorps consists of three branches: Energy & Community, Sustainable Schools and Land & Water Stewards. Each branch of our program will provide AmeriCorps members with the unique opportunity to enhance their professional development goals, cultivate community-wide relationships, and work toward making Iowa a more sustainable, eco-nomic state.



Team coordinator roles are designed to provide members with an opportunity for leadership and make the most effective use of member skill sets. Team coordinator roles may fluctuate based on site specific initiatives or the needs of the team. The coordinate role you are assigned will not define your service term and will not limit your ability to perform other activities of our program.

All members will have the opportunity to perform audits, weatherizations, outreach, education and any other personal and professional development opportunities available as part of your service. We want you to grow in your role and as a person within the scope of our program and the incredible serve you will be performing.
·        Organized
·        Detail-oriented
·        Strong verbal & written communication
·        Self-directed
·        Authoritative
·        Accountable
·        Administrative leadership
·        Strong customer service skills
·        Experienced with Microsoft Excel, Word
·        Knowledgeable of Google applications including Google Calendars, Google Documents
·        Comfortable with scheduling and contacts clients via phone

·        Manage office (files, organization)
·        Schedule daily assignments
·        Schedule all weatherizations & audits
·        Ensure fair work rotation (crew leaders, etc.)
·        Ensure calendar balance (not too many of one thing dominating the schedule)
·        Maintain record-keeping calendars (attendance, education, outreach, weatherization)
·        Follow up and close all weatherizations
·        Manage weatherization log
·        Send weatherization reports to clients
·        Quarterly performance reports (consolidate logs)
·        Maintain team email account
·        Serve as primary contact for all sites
·        Document events and create instructions for position for incoming coordinator

·        Knowledge of basic home construction
·        Knowledge of basic HVAC & plumbing systems
·        Safety-minded
·        Patience
·        Detailed oriented
·        Comfortable speaking to homeowners & explaining services
·        Hands-on leadership
·        Fast learner
·        Excellent problem solving abilities
·        Flexible
·        Reliable and punctual
·        Organized

·        Perform all pre & post weatherization blower door tests
·        Train to become an energy auditor, take a certification test upon completion
·        Complete additional trainings related to role; builder training, OSHA, etc.
·        Weatherization quality assurance
·        Serve as a construction & weatherization resource on site
·        Take inventory of tools & materials
·        Purchase tools & materials, communicate purchases with site supervisor/host site
·        Organize & maintain storage room
·        Clean/maintain tools
·        Communicate equipment needs to site supervisor/host site
·        Document events and create instructions for position for incoming coordinator
·        Provide necessary audit and weatherization information to Team Coordinator

·        Public speaking skills & confidence
·        Strong interest in building personal knowledge in environmental and energy related topics
·        Experience working with both children & adults
·        Creativity
·        Flexibility and adaptability
·        Detailed oriented
·        Ability to create education curriculum/plan educational events from start to finish
·        PowerPoint
·        Clear communication skills both written and verbal
·        Comfortable speaking in front of groups
·        Delegation of tasks as needed for education events

·        Identify community partners to perform education programs
·        Schedule education presentations & workshops
·        Develop education presentations & workshops for a various audiences
·        Develop educational activities
·        Facilitate presentations & workshops
·        Utilize learning lab resources
·        Instruct members how to facilitate presentations & workshops
·        Outfit tables for fairs, etc.
·        Work with outreach and marketing coordinator to magnify impact of events
·        Maintain Education Log
·        Document events and create instructions for position for incoming coordinator
·        Plan 5 educational events/presentations a month

·        Organized
·        Outgoing
·        Comfortable public speaking or presenting in front of diverse audiences
·        Strategic
·        Familiar with social media platforms
·        Strong verbal & written communication skills
·        Involvement with service organizations
·        Networking skills
·        Creative
·        Flexible with an ability to problem solve

·        Identify existing community events, and find a way to get involved (Earth week, AmeriCorps week, etc.)
·        Plan events for national days of service
·        Plan at least 2 outreach events each month
·        Maintain correspondence with local organizations
·        Coordinate canvassing and table events for new projects
·        Organize outreach events in partnership with host site activities/project specifics
·        Document events and create instructions for position for incoming coordinator
·        Maintain Outreach Log
·        Develop a marketing scheme & identify target audiences 
·        Recruit audit/weatherization candidates 
·        Recruit AmeriCorps members 
·        Promote events 
·        Write press releases
·        Distribute flyers & press releases 
·        Maintain social media accounts 
·        Maintain site presence on website 
·        Work with team members and marketing coordinators for monthly newsletter 
·        Coordinate canvassing and tabling efforts
·        Assist with local recruitment for volunteers and incoming members
·        Document events and create instructions for position for incoming coordinator