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Help Wanted: Sales & Marketing

Russell Jones Speaks
Job Description and Company Background
Vision- Inspire and equip people to make informed decisions to live healthier happier, and longer lives.
The Mission- Use Russell Jones Speaks, our umbrella brand, to raise awareness while informing people in fun and unique ways on how to improve their lives… no matter what their current situation is. 
Under the umbrella, are three separate endeavors: 1) Promotion of our new book Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired: Solutions for a Better, Healthier Life, 2) Our motivational speaking business ( with over 1,000 presentations since 1992, and My Back and Body Clinic, Mr. Jones’ physical conditioning and strength training business, serving metro NY & NJ.
Audiences of the book, as well as those attending live presentations come away with new knowledge and ideas that can radically improve their lives, and also a new mindset of exceptional possibilities. This is not about telling people how to live, but helping to identify issues that may be holding them back and inspiring ongoing change. Even the most sophisticated of audiences begin to recognize the challenges of first identifying the causes of their struggles, and ultimately moving onto victory in accomplishing what would have appeared to be an impossible task.
To help reach the youth of America & beyond, another book is 97% complete called Success Secrets 4 Kids. With an emphasis on attitude & people skills, it will also help fill in health and wellness gaps typically ignored in today’s educational systems.
Our mission at My Back and Body Clinic is to provide personal attention to help with scoliosis, back pain, poor posture, and sports injuries. We strengthen the entire body in a unique way so one can be fully functional, feel good consistently, and hopefully, to act more confidently in all of their personal and business relationships! We are back care and rehabilitative fitness specialists who use a unique modality to speed up healing.
Help Wanted: Sales & Marketing position, 5 to 10 hours per week @ $15 per hour
Desirable Skills & Qualifications:
·       Strong Written Communication Skills,
·       Marketing Experience,
·       Content Creation,
·       Work with Major Social Media Platforms,
·       Social Media Marketing in a corporate marketing role with business people, professionals, decision makers, and industry thought leaders as the focus.
·       Attention to Detail,
·       Self-Motivated,
·       Graphic Design,
·       Web Strategy,
·       Data Collection and Analysis,
·       Creative Problem-Solving Skills,
Client: Russell Jones/My Back and Body Clinic
Objective: Streamline social media, blog, and newsletter output to drive book sales, potentially resulting in new clients for My Back and Body Clinic
Tone of Voice: Speaking as Russell Jones, with an authority on health, wellness, and fitness. The tone will be relatable, friendly, focused on helping others, emphasis on no medication/physical healing.
Single-Minded Proposition: “Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”
Summary of Initial Work:
-All social media headers should have a link or promo line for book
-Include a more obvious link to book on personal (Russell’s) webpage
-The clinic needs its own Instagram page
1)    Restart: the first move will be to send out a newsletter (that has a corresponding blog post, with similar, if not identical, language) to your existing email contact list with a “re-introduction”— our story. This newsletter will…
a.    Give a very brief introduction to our “credentials”—why I’m considered an authority on what I’m talking about
b.    A link to the book
c.     And the question of, if you have read the book, can you please leave a review? Tell a friend?
2)    Giveaway: as part of kick-starting promotional efforts, giving away a designated number of books (I’d say 1 or 2, that’s up to you) through a giveaway on social media is a great way to get people interested. It might be a good idea to do this right before Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can announce the winner on Cyber Monday and then encourage those who didn’t win to purchase the book, as people are already in that shopping mindset on that day
a.    Posting a photo of the book itself, and in the caption, a call to action
b.    The caption should be linked to something personal that is also related to the book. Example post:
**GIVEAWAY ALERT** It’s hard to believe how incredible the human body is and how it can come back from near-death injuries and sickness.
It’s hard to believe, but it’s true—and I am evidence of that. From battling debilitating illnesses as a child, and recovering from life-threatening injury as an adult, I’m living proof of the comeback. And my new book can help you have a comeback of your very own. That’s why I’m giving away two copies of my new book, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired.” All you have to do is be following my page, and tag ONE friend in the comments section. DOUBLE entry if you also DM me your email address to get on our newsletter list! Get special tips and tricks for sustainable health and wellness! TRIPLE ENTRY if you do all the above PLUS share this post on your Instagram story!
3)    Continuation of Posts: weekly blog posts that focus on content taken from the book, and a newsletter sent out that shares a condensed version of that post
a.    Blog: excerpt from book, with some original content expanding on that idea, applying it to the current news and trends, asking readers a direct question, or sharing a new thought
b.    Newsletter: sharing some portion of that same excerpt, with quicker copy around the same general idea of blog post
                                                             i.     Includes links to: purchase book, blog site, and social media pages
                                                           ii.     Includes an ask for Amazon reviews, saying that it helps you spread a message that is very personal for you
c.     Social media: shorter copy, sharing highlights, but also including necessary information (book links, website, etc.); highlighting rehabilitation without medication; posting at least twice a week
                                                             i.     Instagram posts will push through to Facebook, keeping content streamlined
1.    Slight adjustments can be made to Facebook posts asking people to “share” – a much easier function on the Facebook platform
                                                           ii.     Testimonials: clients’ (especially the high profile ones) journeys as they heal
                                                        iii.     Direct questions/scenarios/prompts that lead to book promotion and direct clients to My Back and Body
                                                         iv.     Our responsibility would be to remain active in the comments and direct messages in a timely manner. Respond to people’s comments on posts, even just using a single emoji or word. Engagement is key.
                                                           v.     Examples of photo captions:
1.    “An injury in high school does not have to be the reason you miss out on your chance to make it as an athlete in college. At My Back and Body Clinic, we’re using state of the art technology (WITHOUT medication) to rehabilitate world-class athletes to get them back into the game faster and stronger. Want to know more? DM me!”
2.    “When your little girl looks up at you, reaching her arms out, wanting to be picked up, but you have to tell her you can’t because your back hurts—she doesn’t get it, walking away, her tiny face frowning, your heart breaking. Stop letting that old back injury get in the way of living your life today. Deal with the pain once and for all, without medication, and scoop your girl up without any pain or discomfort. We use technology that heals you faster, and for life.”
3.    “I’m sick and tired of giving insurance companies my business. My goal this winter is to not get one cold, one fever, one runny nose! No doctor visits to end 2019! What’s your goal? If it’s to stay healthy, stop missing out on life’s biggest events because you don’t feel well, and to stop being SICK AND TIRED, then I have the right book for you.
4.    Are you worried about your mom/dad/sister/brother/best friend/co-worker who is CONSTANTLY fighting illness? I have your holiday gift for them. “Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired” is what they need to read to get their health back on track—to stop fighting the smaller battles and win the war within their bodies!
4)    My Back and Body Clinic
a.    Social media: the clinic should have its own page on Instagram
                                                             i.     From the clinic’s pages, Russell’s personal posts (as well as Jane’s) will be reposted; this marries the brands under one roof
b.    Encourage clients to give ratings through posts (this can also be accomplished in the newsletter)
                                                             i.     Example: “If we have helped you in any way, we’re asking you share that experience with us—give us a rating on Facebook, Google, or Yelp, and know that you’re not just helping us, but someone else who is looking to get relief from their chronic pain.”
Weekly Estimated Output: 1 blog post, 1 newsletter, 2 social media posts*
Rate: $15/hour
Projected Time Spent/Week: Approximately 5-10 hours
Assessment of Project: 1 month from start date