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Middle School Principal

 1.   Master’s degree in school administration. 
2.   Valid state certificate.
3.   Experience in public school administration and supervision.
4.   Successful teaching experience.
5.   Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
REPORTS TO:      Deputy Superintendent

1.   Administrative Assistant and Assistant Principal
2.   Teaching staff, including paraprofessionals
3.   Other professional staff
4.   All non-professional school staff
5.   Other resource and service personnel while functioning in the assigned school
JOB GOAL:   To use leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills so as to promote the educational development of each student.
1.   Administers the operations of the school.
2.   Guides the formulation of philosophy and objectives for the instructional program.
3.   Initiates, designs, and implements programs to met specific needs of the school.
4.   Assumes responsibility for the implementation and observance of all Board policies and regulations by the school’s staff and students.
5.  Utilizes all resources of the school system and the community in developing the most effective educational program.
6.  Orients newly assigned staff members and assists in their development, as appropriate.
7.   Evaluates and counsels all staff members regarding their individual and group performance.
8.  Keeps abreast of trends, developments, and research as they pertain to education and school operation.
9.   Assists in the development of educational specifications for remodeling projects or new construction.
10.   Assists in the recruiting, screening, training, hiring, and assigning of school staff.
11.   Keeps the Superintendent informed of the school’s activities and problems.
12.   Supervises the preparation of all school reports for the district office.
13.   Exercises decisive leadership in crisis situations.
14.   Plans and assists in the management and preparation of the school budget.
15.   Conducts meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
16.   Maintains high standards of student conduct and enforces discipline as necessary, affords due process to the rights of students.
17.   Observes in the day-to-day management of the school, Board policies, and administrative regulations, budget limitations, and employee and other contracts.
18.   All other such job related duties as shall be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:   Twelve months. Salary and work year to be established by the Board.
EVALUATION:   Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with School Board policies for evaluation of administrative personnel.
ADOPTED:                  12/12/89
REVISED:                  6/10/14
REVISED:                  6/13/17