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Administrative Office Manager- Orthopedic Surgery

Administrative Office Manager
Orthopedic Surgery
Required Qualifications:
· Experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in public administration or a closely related field and two (2) years of professional experience in performing administrative, budgetary, operational or similar analysis and /or programs.
· Previous supervisory experience of at least 2 years.
· Strong interpersonal communication skills including the ability to communication and participate in all levels within the University environment.
· Strong leadership skills including the ability to lead and direct the activities of others toward the accomplishment of goals and objects.
· Ability to foster a cohesive, collaborative and team environment.
Preferred Qualifications:
·  Previous supervisory experience in a Medical School, University, or Healthcare setting of at least 3 years.
· Previous experience with University of Minnesota financial systems
· Familiarity with Promotion and Tenure process
· Demonstrated conflict resolution skills
· Ability take into account multiple stakeholder’s points-of-view in order to make informed decisions
· Strong attention to detail.
· Ability to establish priorities and follow through with project deadlines.
Office Management (50%)
· Develop and implement Department administrative policies and procedures. This includes improving processes for ongoing Department activities including completion of patient paperwork, CV maintenance, Qgenda, ABOS, etc.
o   Ensure policies and procedures are appropriately documented.
·  Lead Department Initiatives as directed by the Department Administrator
o  Plan and execute department wide projects (office space, variable overhead, etc.) as directed by the Department Administrator.
o  Consult and advise others when assigned to special committees and projects.
o  Manage and maintain Qgenda within the department.
· Manage onboarding process of all new faculty.
o  This includes initiating and monitoring the credentialing process; assigning an administrative assistant, and attending relevant meetings.
·  Manage Department Call schedule
o  Compose and coordinate faculty call schedules for all services.
o  Coordinate the resident and PA call schedule reflective the resident rotations.
o  Monitor all holiday schedules and assign a fair call schedule.
o  Track call days for physicians.
o  Communicate to physicians and administrative group an accurate call schedule.
o  Manage the hospital AMCOM system as it is interfaced with Qgenda for Orthopedics Surgery to ensure proper assignments and descriptions are reflected.
o  Manage and monitor trauma CME’s for the trauma call group.
o  Work closely with the Trauma Leader on special projects as needed.
·  Manage day-to-day operations of the Department
o  Serve as the main point of contact for the daily operations of the Department. Handles issues as they arise in the Department and reports back to the Department Administrator as appropriate.
o  Coordinate office maintenance, equipment needs, and purchases.
o  Plan Department events.
o  Participate in appropriate departmental meetings.
· Manage Department Financial Transactions
o  Oversee and approve travel and expense report reimbursement including electronic systems for both UMP and the University.
o  Reconcile Purchasing card for multiple department members.
o  Performs and manage online payments, requisitions, purchase orders, check requests, blanket PO’s, etc.
o  Track, reconcile and receipt purchase orders.
Management of Staff (50%)
· Manage performance of administrative staff of 7.0 FTE.
o  This includes determining appropriate staffing levels to support academic and clinical functions, determining distribution of workload, implementing processes to improve productivity, and approving time off requests.
o  Review and recommend appropriate staffing levels to support academic and clinical functions.
o  Including time off requests and payroll management.
o   Determine distribution of workload for administrative team Implement processes to improve administrative team productivity. Approve time off requests and coordinate appropriate coverage
o  Assess and discusses support staff job performance including goal setting and year end reviews.
o  Document and recognize performance and identify goals for team development.
o  Establish clear expectations between the supervisor and the staff.
o  Follow up and advise on all faculty concerns.
o  Partner with HR business partner for employee relations needs.
o  Work with employees to help align individual performance priorities with the broader priorities of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, the Medical School and untimely the University of Minnesota.
o  Model professional behavior expected of administrative team.
· Hire, evaluate, train, reward, discipline, suspension and discharge of support staff
o  Lead team statuses to provide coaching and development.
o  Partner with UMN HR business partners to effectively manage and lead administrative.
o  Develop and implement individual employee training plans.
o  Assemble working groups to address key priorities and department goals.
o  Partner with other administrative leaders to prepare and moderate monthly staff meetings.
· Coordinate administrative Work Flow
o  Build strong relationships with faculty to properly provide administrative support through administrative specialists.
o  Determine proper physicians/admin partnership to meet physician needs and expectations.
·  Manage Development and Education of administrative team
o  Consult, coach, and mentor support staff in increasing their own skills and knowledge.
o  Develop stretch assignments and appropriate development activities for team’s professional growth.
o  Assist support staff regarding professional development, training opportunities and organization resources to be successful.
o  Work on staff engagement with staff including other administrative leaders.