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Paid Recreation Management Summer Internship

Learning Objectives:
  • Gain experience working in a recreation and fitness program focusing on facilities management and keeping the environment clean and beautiful.
  • Strengthen safety/first-aid, leadership, teamwork and communication skills while experiencing the importance and impact of being a positive role model to hundreds of children.
  • Improve self confidence and initiative by working with a diverse, multicultural staff. 
  • Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities from our Leadership Team, Alumni and Parent Network.

Internship Overview:
You will be hired as a staff member at Camp Towanda. Working at camp simply as a counselor, in-and-of-itself, gives you hands-on experience and leadership opportunities aligned with a Recreation Management degree. You build skills that hiring managers are looking for, such as flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. With an internship, we are able to tailor it to your exact goals so you get the most out of camp with a specialized experience. We work directly with school advisors and can tailor the internship to meet school criteria for credit if that is what you are looking for.

There are several positions we offer that would help you along your Recreation Management studies including our outdoor adventure program, general bunk counselors, sports coaches and instructors, waterfront/lifeguard and more. No matter what your position exactly ends up being, we are confident you will be getting the experience you are looking for as you will be working outdoors in a recreational program, impacting today’s youth. Additionally, you will also meet with various members of our leadership team that are involved with the operation and management of Camp Towanda’s program. This is an 8 week program from June 19 - August 15th. There is also the opportunity to arrive earlier and stay later to participate in our prep and closure of the facility. 

Daily Responsibilities:
Working at camp is not your typical job or internship. You are living and working at the same place for 8 weeks. Your stamina, accountability, dedication, passion, creativity and ability to be a part of a team are all tested. It is a 24/7 community and responsibility. You are taking care of other people’s children. Of course, there is schedule time off as you rotate with the other counselors in your assigned group. You have a day off each week and rotating nights off, with periods off during the day. All staff members live in the cabins with the campers. Campers are split up by age and gender. There are typically 10-16 campers and 4 counselors per cabin. Each age group usually consists of 2-3 cabins and has a Group Leader with counselors split between General Counselors and Activity Specialists. General Counselors supervise the group with the group leader from activity to activity, while Activity Specialists are at their specific sport or activity seeing the different groups rotate each period. There are typically six, 50 minute long activity periods per day. 

Benefits of Interning at Camp:
  • Individually tailored experience to meet your goals, working with school advisors so that you get the most out of your internship.
  • Hands on program, working directly in your discipline. 
  • Onsite training and orientation - excellent support system and a leadership team that truly cares about you.
  • Real world work experience in the outdoors vs. an office or corporate setting, getting coffee or pushing papers.
  • Work with a diverse team from around the world, impacting and inspiring today’s youth.
  • Work on the set of the movie “Wet Hot American Summer”. Yup, it was filmed here! 
  • Join a vast network of Staff, Alumni and Parents that can connect you in future endeavors. 

The next step is to fill out our online application. Then we will set up a time to interview via Skype or FaceTime.