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Tremblock (medical device) associate

The Fall 2020 interns with Kirstein Ideas will be working on an innovative and first of its kind
seizure abortion and orofacial protection device, called Tremblock. We are currently in phase 2
of production and will be using targeted strategies to obtain reputable testimonials from
physicians across the globe about our product.

The interns will first be trained on the logistics of the device. How it works, why it works, and
the intricacies of the physical design so that they may be able to converse using medical
terminology with medically competent physicians over the phone. This will be accomplished by
weekly zoom meetings and trainings to assure confident and precise information will reach its
target audience.

We at Kirstein Ideas are looking for highly motivated individuals with a STEM background to act
as interns to represent our product. With the aforementioned training completed, these
individuals will represent our company, explain a detailed description of our product, and seek
testimonials from physicians all around the world all while receiving school credits.

Because of the impact from COVID-19, we will not be conducting in person meetings for
training purposes or in person meetings with prospective physicians. Everything will be done
remotely via zoom or telephone, to assure a safe and productive environment.
These interns will not only benefit from this experience by obtaining college credits, but they
will learn significant lessons regarding the medical industry, physical medicine, design, as well
as sales tactics that will further enrich their prospective future careers.
We at Kirstein Design are excited to welcome these interns to our family and look forward to
mutually benefiting from each other’s services.